8 Creative Burger Toppings for Your Summer BBQ

The United States made up on two years’ worth of much-missed barbecue get-togethers over the summer months of the previous year, making it a great year for summer cook-outs. We demonstrated the skills we had acquired during lockdown and nailed the recipes with the assurance that comes from having gained expertise through necessity. How, therefore, can we surpass the ecstasy that we had during our outdoor burger feast this summer? 

Summertime Burgers: 08 Imaginative Topping Ideas

8 Creative Burger Toppings for Your Summer BBQ
8 Creative Burger Toppings for Your Summer BBQ

Our response is that we actually topped it.

Find your own unique topping combination throughout the course of this summer and use it to create a better burger. Try something fresh and original, and demonstrate to your loved ones and friends that your abilities behind the grill are only going to become better from here on out. Cheers to a sweltering summer in the burg!

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

Toppings: Mayo + Ketchup + Lettuce + Tomato + Raw White Onion + Bacon + Creamy Peanut Butter

Yes, the combination may seem a bit strange, but believe me when I say it’s a salty and delicious dream. A charred-edge patty is complemented in a way that you wouldn’t believe by the peanut butter’s little sweetness, extreme creaminess, and saltiness.

This brings out subtle meaty flavors that you may have never experienced before. All of this richness has to be cut, and that’s where the lettuce, tomato, and onion come in. They provide a reviving (literal) palate-cleanser for the peanut butter that’s on your roof.

Sweet Brunch Burger

Toppings: Mayo + Hot Sauce + Mesclun + Maple Syrup + Over-Easy Egg + Bacon + American Cheese

It is common knowledge at this point that it is brilliant to place a runny fried egg on top of a bacon cheeseburger. But why limit yourself to savory when you may enjoy a larger variety of taste profiles? To create a dish that is savory, sweet, and spicy all at once, combine mayonnaise and hot sauce on the top bun, sprinkle spring mix on top to evenly spread the mixture, and then pour maple syrup over the egg that is above the bacon.

Wedge Salad Burger

Toppings: Blue Cheese Sauce + Tomato + Iceberg Lettuce + Crumbled Bacon

This classic salad served in steakhouses nearly usually includes a sizable piece of meat as the main attraction. You may go ahead and eliminate that layer of separation by having the salad course and the main dish served together. Charring the patties over high heat will infuse it with a spicy, smoky flavor, which will be further intensified by the bacon, and will prevent the inside from cooking too quickly.

You also don’t need to worry about the blue cheese leaking down the beefsteak tomato slice; instead, you can make extensive slices in the lettuce so that it may collect the cheese for you. The ideal solution would be a flexible and yielding bun that could be molded into the shape of the stiff iceberg.

Bahn Mi Burger

Toppings: Mayo + Pickled Daikon/Carrot + Cucumber + Cilantro + Sliced Jalapeños

Because the meats used for the bases may be changed, traditional bahn mi sandwiches are distinguished by their use of French bread as the foundation rather than the toppings. Why not replace the pork meatballs with turkey patties instead, or the grilled chicken with ground chicken? In point of fact, beef burgers aren’t that far removed from the popularity of Italian meatballs, which has led to their rise in popularity throughout Europe.

When it comes to the bread, a firm Kaiser roll may come quite close to the real thing. It is immediately more refreshing on a hot summer day, like those that are common in Vietnam, thanks to the tangy vinegar, the crunch of the root vegetables, and the grassiness of the cilantro and cucumber.

Taco Burger

Toppings: Guacamole + Queso Fresco + Pickled Red Onion + Grilled Spring Onion + Cilantro + Lime

Put out of your mind any thoughts of queso dip, refried beans, or any other Tex-Mex accompaniments; they may be tasty, but they aren’t what we have in mind at all. Instead, for a combination that will bring the authentic street tacos of Mexico to your backyard BBQ, spread on the guacamole, sprinkle on the crumbled queso fresco, and bring on the sliced onions and bell peppers. This combination is also delicious with fish. Adding a shrimp or white fish patty to the mix shakes things up

Peking (Duckless) Burger

Toppings: Mantou Bun, Hoisin Sauce, Cucumber, and Scallions are the Toppings.

It seems that everything is being turned into baozi at every gastropub, so why shouldn’t you do the same at home? The use of a steamed mantou bun is essential to the success of this dish; you can either prepare your own or purchase frozen versions at almost any Asian grocery shop.

Your burger patty, whether it’s beef, turkey, venison, or salmon, should be topped with thinly sliced cucumbers and scallions, and they should be placed beneath a generous amount of hoisin sauce. This will create a bao that will impress your guests. You could even take the way of baked bao, which would work just as well with milk buns, Hawaiian rolls, or brioche.


Hamburger Salad
Hamburger Salad

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 Charcuterie Burger

Toppings: Berry Compote or Fig Jam + Goat Cheese or Brie + Arugula + Prosciutto

This year, charcuterie boards have become quite popular, but the truth is that they do not fare well when exposed to the heat and humidity of the sun. The solution to this difficulty is to transform its more summery elements into burgers, which include components that actually expand more when subjected to intense heat.

When heated, the richness of berry compote or fig marmalade softens and spreads out, the sharpness of goat cheese or brie melts, and prosciutto is at its most delicious when it is served warm. The sharpness of arugula prevents any of the other tastes from being too spicy. Burgers made of chicken or turkey are equally as good as those made of beef for letting the toppings take center stage.

French Onion Burger

Toppings: Red Leaf Lettuce + Garlic Aioli + Caramelized Onions + Gruyere + Swiss + Au Jus or Demi-glace

Even while soup isn’t often associated with summertime, that doesn’t mean its tastes can’t be enjoyed at other times of the year. After grilling your beef patty and topping it with Gruyère and Swiss cheese until the cheese starts to melt, add a generous quantity of caramelized onion to the top of the burger. You have the option of dipping it in au jus or thinning down a demi-glace to a consistency that will enable you to spoon some of it on the onions before topping it with the top of a kaiser, bulkie, or onion roll. The top of the roll is protected from becoming soggy by a leaf of red lettuce.

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