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ebankCBT Treasury Management Notes


ebankCBT's newest Treasury Management version has new ACH functions and enhanced security with dual control options. You may download an illustrated Cash Management User Guide in either Word or Adobe format below. (NOTE: User Guide under revision, but current guides will still be helpful.)

Quick Summary:

  • New screens make creating and editing ACH batches on the fly easier.
  • State and Federal tax payments via ACH appear on separate screens for uncluttered data entry.
  • Users may elect to receive confirmations when Wire Transfers are transmitted or ACH batches are initiated, then processed.
  • Users may enter memo notes on transfers to track the purpose of the transfer. (Checking accounts only at this time.)
  • Dual Control options have been enhanced providing full separation of duties between preparing and transmitting both Wire Transfers and ACH batches if desired.
  • Users may search across all ACH batches with a single query to locate a specific record. For example, if you have an employee in several batches and need to edit only those records, the search will help you drill down to that specific employee.
  • Users with multiple companies utilizing ACH will be able to access all companies from the same session.

Is it time for a check up?

If your organization has not reviewed user access levels, accounts available within ebank, daily limits or any other function of ebankCBT recently, there is no better time. We are glad to assist you in a review as well as implementing any changes you require. Contact Ebank Help at 800-634-6203 for information or assistance.

Cash Management User Manual
(Word Document, 2 MB)

Cash Management User Manual
(Adobe Document, 460 KB)
  • Click on link to open, then save to your location.
  • Right click to save the file to your location without opening.