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Businesses – You Now Have Access To The World's Most Secure Way to Conduct Your Banking Activity. Keep Your Computer Safe from Financial Malware


Criminals and hackers are constantly devising new ways to infect your customer’s devices and compromise online banking. In recent years, these attacks on end users have expanded from consumer banking to focus increasingly on corporate banking. Over 70 financial institutions use Marble Cloud to protect their customers from advanced malware and zero day attacks.

Protect All Browsing and App Traffic

The Marble Trusted Network protects your customers’ iPhone, iPad and Android devices when using the Internet by creating a secure, encrypted VPN. You can choose from Marble’s hosted VPN service, or you can remotely configure employee devices to connect to your own VPN servers.

Isolate Web Browsing From Malware

Marble’s secure web browsing technology protects Web browsing from keystroke loggers, viruses, man-in-the-browser trojans and zero-day malware. On Windows and the Mac, state-of-the-art virtualization technology is used to give an easy-to-use Linux-based environment that protects customers from even the most sophisticated viruses and malware. On the iPhone, iPad and Android, Marble’s secure web browser gives a protected environment where personal data is never stored on the device, and cannot be stolen or leaked.

Protect Your Customers from Browsing Malicious Websites and Scams

The Marble Trusted Network protects your customers from accidentally visiting websites that can infect their computer or steal their online account credentials and passwords. Advanced whitelisting and blacklisting technology is used to detect dangerous websites and protect customers, in real time.

Restrict Access from Android Phones that have Malicious Apps Installed

Marble’s scanning technology analyzes the apps on Android devices and protects customers from viruses, malware, trojans and apps that can steal credentials, data and passwords. You can use Marble’s remote management service to enforce policies that prevent customers from accessing your online banking services if malicious apps are installed on their devices, or to simply notify you and your customers that they are on a risky, infected device.