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ebankCBT Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a new ebankCBT ID?
Once you've logged in, select Account Options. You can change your password, ebankCBT ID, e-mail address and even set up Password Assistance to help regain access if you ever lock out.

How do I sign up to view my accounts online?
Enroll for ebankCBT by completing this secure, online ebankCBT Enrollment  or  online ebankCBT application.

How do I sign up for Billpayer, and how much does it cost?
To sign up for FREE Billpayer, enroll using the secure, online ebankCBT Application whether you're already enrolled for ebankCBT or not!

What does it mean when it says Your account is currently locked?
ebankCBT automatically locks an account when an incorrect password is entered multiple times. This prevents unauthorized persons accessing your account by guessing repeatedly at your password. To have your account unlocked, send an . Please do not include sensitive information like ID, password or Social Security Number, all we need is your name and phone number.

What is Password Assistance and how do I set it up?
Password Assistance permits you to reactivate your access if you accidentally lock out. You must first set it up by logging in and going to Account Options to complete the Personal Question and Personal Answer fields. After that, should you lock out click the Reset Password link on the login page to begin the reactivation process. It simple, secure and means you can be back to ebanking in just a few minutes! As an added benefit, Password Assistance gives you a heads up if someone has been trying to use your access by sending an e-mail to your selected e-mail address when the access becomes locked.

How do I start using ebankCBT and Billpayer?
Check out our tips on ebankCBT, including how to log in, change your ID, name your accounts, download your transaction history, and transfer funds across accounts. Also look at our Billpayer User Guide.

What if I forget my ID or PIN, or have other problems not listed in this FAQ?
If you need us to resend your ID or reset your PIN, or if you have any other kinds of questions, us. Include your phone number, in case we find we need to call you. We'll get back to you within one business day (but we're usually much quicker).