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Business Banking

Treasury Management

Even though your “Finance Department” may be the same person who-

  • makes sales calls and answers the phone

  • ships orders and burns the coffee

  • and shovels snow from the sidewalk (in other words – you)

CB&T Treasury Management services provide the same sophisticated tools once only available to the “big guys.” If you’re already one of the “big guys,” let’s see if you’re missing any of our tools to help you stay efficient. Contact your regular branch for more information about any of the services listed below.

Online Banking

Though you may not need all of our Treasury Management services today, free ebank access allows you to:

  • track account balances

  • view daily activity, cleared checks and deposit tickets

  • transfer between accounts and make loan payments

  • place real-time stop payment orders on checks

  • receive balance and account activity alerts

  • receive monthly account statements online

Downloading account activity for reconciliation is available for almost any accounting software, too. Multi-user configuration allows you to pick and choose what each user may view or transact.

Direct Deposit, Automatic Debit and Cash Concentration (ACH)

Offer employees direct deposit and they’ll thank you for not having to run to the bank to deposit their paycheck. Speaking of checks, avoid the expense of checks by using ACH to pay your vendors. While you’re at it, save time and expense for monthly billing and deposit handling by offering automatic debit to customers.

Lock box

We handle both Wholesale and Retail Lockbox for your business requirements.

Sweeps & Repos

Keep your cash working overnight with a Zero Balance Account to pay down a line of credit or earn interest with a repo account.

Wire Transfer

If your business requires wire transfers on a regular basis, you may request the ability to place wire transfer requests through ebank. You may also place wire requests by fax or in person. (There may be a fee for each wire transfer, consult your account or wire transfer agreement for details.)

Billpayer Online Payment Service

If you have a low volume of payables, our Billpayer service allows you to pay anyone in the United States (excluding taxes). Your payments are sent either electronically or by check, depending on the payee’s ability to receive the payment. There is no charge for the service as long as you make at least one payment each calendar month. (Note: Billpayer is not intended for payroll purposes. Ask about our ACH service for Payroll Direct Deposit.)

Let’s talk! Contact your regular branch or call 800-634-6203