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What Are E-mail Alerts?

ebankCBT will send a personal e-mail alerting you to activity on your accounts. Some events are real-time, others are sent following end-of-day processing each evening. The system even offers you the opportunity to set alerts to remind you of “better not forget” events such as anniversaries and birthdays as well as deadlines.

Quick Summary:

Once you have logged into ebank, go to Account Options/Alerts to select the activity you want to track. Choices include general activity such as electronic debits/credits and balance levels, all the way to notification when a specific check clears your account. Personal alerts allow you to set up reminders for banking and non-banking events.

NOTE: some alerts are not available in e-mail format, but appear as a note upon logging into ebank.

 There is no cost for this enhanced service. All you must do is confirm your current e-mail address and you may need to set your spam blocking software to allow messages from ebankhelp “at” E-mail providers such as Hotmail, AOL, MSN and Yahoo have very aggressive spam blockers and our experience has shown you should add us to your exception list or white list to be certain our alert will arrive.