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“Thousands of transactions per month and our monthly statements never leave me confused. Probably because I watch our account online so there are no surprises when the statements arrive.”




Business Banking

Business Checking & Savings

“As much as our business has grown, I was pleased to find the Totally Free account worked for us. We very seldom have more than 500 transactions per month so the annual savings were substantial."

These easy to maintain checking accounts create opportunities to reduce or eliminate fees. Multiply your savings using ebankCBT to reduce or eliminate paper, speed up your cash cycle, and reduce the time away from what you do best.

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Totally Free*: first 500 monthly transactions are totally free

  • Low transaction volume opens the door to cost free checking
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • 500 FREE monthly transactions**
  • No monthly service charge
  • Free Online Banking and Billpayer
  • Free Easy-to-Balance monthly estatement
  • FREE return of check images with estatements for easy record keeping

Commercial Checking: complex needs handled simply

  • High volume doesn’t mean high expenses: your collected balance generates credit to offset fees
  • Earnings credit allowance on deposit balances may offset activity fees
  • FREE return of check images for easy record keeping
  • FREE Online Banking and Billpayer
  • Low monthly service charge
  • Transactions** charged on a per-items basis, pay only for services you use

Business Checking Interest: Perfect for a business that wants to earn interest

  • Competitive Interest
  • Only $2,500 minimum balance to avoid a low $9 monthly fee
  • FREE return of check images for easy record keeping
  • FREE Online Banking and Billpayer
  • 500 FREE monthly transactions **

**Transactions include items paid, items deposited, ACH debits and credits.
 *Free with estatements only.  Adjusted 91day T-bill

Commercial Savings Investments

Put your extra capital to work full time with one of these cash-growing options. Each has a role to play in your cash flow planning.

Business Savings: accumulate cash until you put it to work elsewhere

  • Your entire balance earns interest and is accessible 24/7

Premier 5 Money Market: earnings climb faster with higher balances

  • Maximize your earnings while enjoying higher interest rates and retaining easy access to your funds

Certificates of Deposit : FDIC-insured,
maximum earnings potential

  • Flexible-length CD terms tailored to your cash management strategy

  • No capital risk on deposits over $100,000 and excellent rates from a national deposit pool.