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International Banking Services and Products

Efficiently take charge of your international banking needs with the full suite of Citizens Bank & Trust tools. Match your current processes or look for ways to streamline: the tools are flexible giving you quicker access and easier control of your funds. Put time back into your day – no matter how you plan to use it – with nothing more difficult than a call or email for more information.


Letter of credit is the written undertaking by a CB&T, made at the request of the applicant, to honor drafts or other demands for payment to the beneficiary for merchandise shipped or services performed. More information .

Export Letter of Credit

An incoming letter of credit issued by a foreign bank in favor of a U.S. Company detailing merchandise ordered, payment method, shipping and document requirements.  This type of letter of credit reduces the U.S. Company’s foreign credit risk and is the actual method of payment for goods shipped.

Import Letter of Credit

An outgoing letter of credit which we issue on behalf of a U.S. Company to a Foreign Supplier detailing merchandise ordered, payment method, shipping and document requirements.  This type of letter of credit will protect the U.S. Company and comply with the Supplier’s needs.

Standby Letter of Credit

Standby Letters of Credit allow your company to secure a financial or performance obligation with the beneficiary.


When dealing with companies in foreign countries or traveling to foreign countries, money must be exchanged from one currency to another.

Foreign Exchange Trading

Importers and Exporters may pay for products shipped in U.S. Dollars or a foreign currency.  CB&T can assist in managing foreign exchange risk by locking into a rate using a Spot Contract or a Forward Contract which will minimize the currency risk.  Spot Contracts settle in a matter of 1 to 3 days.  Forward Contracts settle at an agreed upon future date. More information .

International Wires

Wire transfers can be sent to or received from almost any country in the world.  Sending and receiving international wires can be done in U.S. Dollars or a Foreign Currency.  Citizens Bank & Trust association as a member of the S.W.I.F.T. (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) network provides a secure means for sending or receiving funds. More information .

International Drafts

An international draft can be issued as a way to send funds internationally.  Sending a draft will take longer for the recipient to receive than an international wire.  Drafts can be issued in several tradable currencies. More information .

Foreign Currency

If you travel abroad you may purchase foreign currency from CBT or you may sell foreign currency to CBT upon your return home. More information .

Foreign Check Collection

CBT will collect the payment of checks written on foreign banks, either in U.S. Dollars or Foreign Currencies.

Foreign Documentary Collections

Documentary Collections allow the buyer and seller to exchange goods for money against the presentation of documents through their respective banks.  This option allows well-known customers in stable countries to deal with one another using this as a payment method.