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“My competition makes it too easy … for my customers to pay for their purchases. Make sure my customers are satisfied with my service. And it’s not just about accepting payment. I need information to manage cash flow and guard against payment fraud.

“I wasn’t satisfied with my credit card processor, his equipment, and his statements and wondered if I could save money with a different company. And sometimes it’s not just about plastic. I still need to accept checks, and now gift cards are gaining ground.”

Two questions to ask yourself: “What challenges do you have with your current card processor?” and “How much money will I save with a solution from Citizens?” Regardless of your industry or volume, Citizens has a solution providing the right answer to those two questions.

eCheck Point of Sale Capture turns checks into cash at the check out

  • Customers who prefer checks are happy and you speed processing

  • Adds comfort with built-in account verification to combat fraud

Merchant Card Services because accepting cards is proven
to increase your volume

  • Guaranteed funding within as little as two business days

  • Accept the “Big 4” (Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®) plus debit, EBT and purchasing cards

  • Interface to existing terminals or choose from several land line terminals to wireless, on-the-go systems, even web-based solutions

  • Comprehensive reporting via internet, e-mail, fax or mail helps you monitor activity and forecast cash flow

Turn-Key & Customizable Gift Cards drive sales and reduce fraud

  • Gift cards add a new revenue stream and guarantee return visits.

  • Select a quick, turn-key solution or a fully customizable program fully integrated into your brand.

Business/Corporate Credit and Debit Cards make tracking expenses
across your entire business easy

  • Establish credit or daily limits per user based on job requirements to control costs or exposure

Coin and Currency Services will keep your cash drawers topped off

Night Deposit and Night Drop providing peace of mind

Let’s talk! Contact your regular branch or call 800-634-6203