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“The hard dollar savings were too good to pass up. I don’t know anything about computers – but my office manager does. What really sealed the deal were the soft dollar gains because our backroom was automated so effectively.

Treasury Management

Smart Treasury Choices

Smart Smart2 SmartValue
Easy to use, online tools like ACH for direct deposit, payments and billing, wire transfers & positive pay check fraud prevention. Builds on Smart with an increased transaction allowance and adds Zip Teller remote check capture to your back office. Available for businesses needing Online Banking with only a low volume ACH solution.




“I didn’t really want to know how much time my bookkeeper lost making the daily deposit, but she told me often enough I listened. And when my most senior employee asked for direct deposit, I knew it was time to look seriously at a cash management solution.”

Efficiently take charge of the whole cash cycle with the full suite of Citizens Bank & Trust tools. Match your current processes or look for ways to streamline: the tools are flexible giving you quicker access and easier control of your funds. Put time back into your day – no matter how you plan to use it – with nothing more difficult than a call to schedule an onsite visit.

Remote Check Capture Service (RCCS) Zip Teller

Remote Check Capture Service (Zip Teller) enables you to make daily check deposits to your accounts from your own location. You’ll spend less time preparing your deposits and save both money and time eliminating daily trips to the bank. Using a simple desktop scanner, RCCS allows you to scan the checks at the point of capture, converting them to image-based technology for deposit. Your banking day is extended to 6 p.m. Central Time for same-day ledger credit using RCCS.

Merchant Card Processing

It takes more than extremely competitive rates to earn one the highest customer retention rates in the merchant bankcard and credit card processing industry. It also comes from exceptional customer service across all business lines to help you accept debit and credit cards. As a Citizens Bank & Trust merchant processing client, you’ll have access to a broad range of customer-centric products and services, including point-of-sale terminals, PC software solutions and Internet ecommerce options with national and international processing capabilities.

Payment Origination

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Your payment and collection options are nearly limitless with ACH. Pay vendors and employees without cutting a check; collect payments with direct debit just as quickly and easily. Citizens online banking system,, interfaces with any accounting system capable of creating ACH files. The system can be used for recurring or one time payments, allowing you to import files from other payment systems or create your own customized batches of payments. Access is controlled by user, so you can make sure only authorized activity takes place, ensuring policies are enforced and protecting your company.

Positive Pay Service

Effectively combating check fraud requires the right tools. Positive Pay empowers you to immediately review suspicious check activity on your accounts, providing an opportunity to appropriately refuse payment of the item. You begin with a simple upload of your issued check information into Citizens Bank & Trust online banking system, As checks are presented for payment, they are compared against this database. If there are items that do not match, you are able to view those exception items and quickly and easily make your pay or return decisions online.

Business/Corporate Credit and Debit Cards

Make tracking expenses across your entire business easy. Establish credit or daily limits per user based on job requirements to control costs or exposure

Online Banking System –

Effective funds management depends on information; delivers the full picture. Citizens Bank & Trust online banking system provides access to previous and current day information reporting on all of your accounts, including loans, as well as transaction origination capabilities. Access to this information on a daily basis allows you to efficiently manage your investment, cash concentration and disbursement activities. The system provides client-controlled authorization features to manage system access by user, application, functionality and amount, with multiple approval levels available.

Smart Business Services

Operating efficiently leaves more time to effectively manage all facets of your business. Smart Business Services make it second nature to access the most efficient and highest-return cash management tools available. The Smart packages supplement each other – based on your actual need – without a huge investment in time or resources to put them to work for you.

Check Recovery Service

A recent Federal Reserve Payments Study reported about 548,000 checks bounce each day, for a total value of $414,000,000. Returned checks can present on-going challenges and frustrations for you when it comes to recovery of those funds. Electronic re-presentment is becoming the method of choice for check recovery for many companies that accept paper checks for payment. This process can reduce the effort and costs associated with the collection process. A partnership between Global Check Recovery (GCR) and Citizens Bank & Trust provides a valuable collection service automating and enhancing your recovery efforts. In other words, your business can afford to accept checks as a preferred payment method.

Other Services

  • Coin and Currency Services will keep your cash drawers topped off

  • Night Deposit and Night Drop providing peace of mind

  • Wire Transfers- International and Domestic

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