Cook Perfect Burgers on Stove Step-by-Step Guide

Instructions for Cooking Burgers on the Stove

Do you daydream of having a large backyard with a nicely prepared grill where you can cook delicious burgers for your friends and family to enjoy? Yeah, me too. However, there are situations when that just is not the case, is it not? It’s possible that you don’t have access to a grill; maybe you live in a city; or perhaps it’s simply too wet outside. 

Do not throw your buns in the trash just because the sky is cloudy or because it is now winter. Instead of making burgers outside, why not learn how to prepare them on the stove inside? 

For hamburgers cooked on the stovetop, use 90/10 ground beef.

When cooking burgers on the stove, it’s preferable to opt for a leaner 90/10 mix so that you don’t end up with too much fat melting into the pan. The best beef mix for cooking burgers on the grill is 80/20, but when cooking burgers on the grill, the best beef mix is 80/20. 

Take out your griddle and cast iron skillet, please.

When I make burgers indoors, I usually cook them on a huge griddle, but I’ve also had terrific results using a regular old cast iron pan. Be careful to preheat it so that you can have a great even heat to cook numerous burgers at the same time. 

Those With Flaws Make the Best Patties

I prefer to make stovetop burgers thinner and flatter than grilled burgers. When creating individual patties, a serving size of four ounces of ground beef is a good choice. Choose 3 ounces for each patty if you are creating double patties.

Don’t bother about shaping the burgers into ideal patties as you would if you were going to cook them on the grill when you are dividing them up into individual portions. On point of fact, if you want to cook burgers on the stove, you should press down on the patties while they are still on the pan so that they cook more evenly.

Clean the Skillet Between Each Batch of Burgers

If you are cooking numerous batches of burgers in a single pan or on a single griddle, cleaning the skillet or griddle between each set of patties can assist minimize unnecessary burning and smoke. There is no need to totally clean the surface in the sink; all that has to be done is to scrape away any burger parts, then quickly wash the area off before moving on to the next round. 

The Most Brilliant Method for Melting Cheese

As soon as the burger is done cooking, you take it out of the pan, place some cheese on top of it, and then place a metal dish on top of it. This will prevent the cheese from melting all over the griddle and will swiftly melt the cheese when the steam from the burger is caught by the towel.


Pizza with kimchi and sausage
Pizza with kimchi and sausage

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza with Italian sausage.

Grilled Pizza with Broccoli, Onions, and Red Peppers

Pizza with chicken Alfredo


For the burger seasoning mix (optional)

  • 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder

For the easy burger sauce

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon ketchup

For the burgers

  • 1 pound ground chuck (90:10)

For serving

  • 3 potato or brioche buns
  • 6 slices American cheese
  • Nonstick spray
  • Green lettuce leaves
  • Thinly sliced red onion
  • Thinly sliced fresh tomato


Make the optional burger seasoning mix, which includes:

You need to have the spice mix ready before you start cooking. Salt, pepper, and garlic powder should be combined in a separate dish and set aside. Set aside.

Prepare the sauce by:

Mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup should be combined in a separate dish and whisked together until smooth. Set aside.

Put the patties together by: 

Prepare a big, robust pan (one made of cast iron is ideal) for cooking over medium heat. To make the hamburger patties, divide the ground beef into three equal portions of a third of a pound each. Form into patties with a thickness of approximately half an inch, and make a depression in the middle of each one to prevent it from inflating in the middle. If you are using a seasoning mix, season the patties with a half teaspoon of the mix on each side of the burger.

Prepare the hamburger patties: 

In order to improve the circulation of air, open a window and turn on the fan that is located over the stove. After spraying the pan with a tiny bit of non-stick cooking spray, arrange the burgers in the pan. A spatula should be used to exert pressure on each patty for ten seconds. This is done in an effort to promote browning. Four minutes should be spent cooking the patties over a medium heat setting of medium. Stay away from them as little as possible so that the first side may get a good crust. When you flip the burgers, you should be sure to scrape off any caramelization with the burger itself by using a firm metal spatula.

Turn the burgers over:

After you have flipped the burgers, add the cheese (if you are using it), and continue to cook for another three minutes. This will ensure that the burger is cooked to the doneness that you choose, which is often medium. 

If you are just making one burger at a time, you may toast the buns with the patties in the same pan; however, if you are making numerous burgers at once, you will need to toast the buns in a separate skillet.

Covering the burgers with a lid for the last minute of cooking will ensure that the cheese melts to the desired level of doneness.

Construct the hamburgers, then serve:

The first step in constructing your burgers is to apply some burger sauce on each bun. Place the patties on the bottom bread, then top with the lettuce, onions, and tomatoes before placing the top bun on top. Immediately serve with a refreshing cool beverage.


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