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Getting Started with ebankCBT

If you're a Billpayer user, check out our Billpayer User Guide.


What you need
To use ebankCBT, all you need is Internet access and a browser with 128-bit encryption, such as recent versions of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer. If you're not sure if your version of your browser has 128-bit encryption, don't worry. Our web site can test it for you and point you to where you can download the newest Netscape or Microsoft browser for free. (Our system generally supports any browser with 128-bit encryption including Opera, Mozilla and others.)

Getting Started
After you turn in your application form and we’ve had a couple days to process it, you will receive an email from Ebank Help that informs you of your ebankCBT ID number and what you need to know for your ebankCBT Password. We will provide notification to the e-mail address you provide.

If you do not receive the notice within two business days, please check your spam folder or e-mail blocker. We will send notification to the address you provide, but cannot prevent e-mail blockers or spam filters from intercepting it.

To begin online banking, open your browser and type "" in the "address" or "location" line near the top of the window (depending on your browser). Then hit the "enter" key, or click on the "go" button. This will take you to the Citizens Bank & Trust home page.

You should see the "ebankCBT Login" button at the top of the left column on your screen. Click on it and enter your ID number (the 12-digit number emailed to you) and submit. Enter your default password on the next page and follow the process to accept the online access agreement and choose a new password.  Remember to keep both your ID and password confidential, as sharing this with anyone allows them to access your bank accounts.

Note: If you decline to accept the online access agreement, you will not be granted access to online banking.

Single click on "Select Activity" to the right of an account on the list and you will see the various options available for that account. With a checking account, the options are Transactions (details of recent transactions), Transfers (to another of your ebankCBT accounts if you have included them), Download (to download transactions for Quicken or Money), Statements (details of previous statements),  and Stop Payments (stop payment on a paper check you wrote or an incoming debit as from your insurance company).

Other types of accounts, like Money Market accounts or CDs, have different options.

Changing your ebankCBT ID, password, and account "names"
On the main menu bar, you should see the "Account Options" Click on this selection to view your options to change your ebankCBT ID (so you don't have to remember the 12 digit number), password (we recommend changing it often, like once a month), and update your e-mail address. Look around and you'll find where you can change the "names" of your accounts (to things like "His Checking" and "Her Checking" or "My Savings" and "My Billpayer Checking"--whatever you like), change the order in which your accounts are listed, even set up account alerts (such as when your balance reaches a certain level).

Download your transactions to your personal accounting software
You can download your transaction history in a format compatible with many popular personal accounting software packages. Select Download from the "Select Activity" list. Follow the instructions on screen, and consult your accounting software's manual for assistance.

Don't forget to LOG OUT
ebankCBT will automatically log you off after a few minutes of inactivity, but you can ensure your log off any time by clicking the Log Out link on any page. That's it! The rest is up to you. We suggest that you take a few minutes and try the various options, follow the online instructions, and enjoy ebankCBT from Citizens Bank and Trust.

If you have questions or problems
us including a brief description of your problem and a phone number where you can be reached. We'll get back to you by email or by phone within one business day. We always love to hear from you!