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¡ Deposit Strategies for Maximum Safety & Earnings

¡ Tailored Credit Solutions for Unique Requirements

¡ Trust Review & Administration

¡ Cash Management Services to Simplify Business Operations

¡ Foreign Exchange for Both Business & Personal Purposes





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Wealth Management

Private Banking

The 12 Wealth Management Issues

From experience, clients who benefit most from these services tend to have distinct financial needs– from solutions such as providing a single point of oversight to identifying situations where teams of specialists should be assembled.

Knowing when and how to apply appropriate financial vehicles to optimize a client’s wealth is the goal.

There are twelve wealth management issues that clients typically face where Citizens Private Banking adds significant value.

1. Investments

¡ Define structure of asset allocation to support your life goals1

¡ Need to have a disciplined rebalancing process of the appropriate asset allocation

¡ Evaluate presence of the appropriate investments and identifying managers that: a) are excellent standing alone, b) inter-relate well together with no excessive overlaps, c) have no excessive conflicts, and d) possess the necessary checks and balances to minimize downside risk

2. Insurance2

¡ Desire for tax-advantaged wealth accumulation

¡ Need for estate liquidity housed outside taxable estate

3. Liabilities

¡ Need for increased focus on cash flow and liability management

¡ Interest in complex lending requiring flexible structures

¡ Need for high end lending or debt structuring for residential, commercial or luxury purchases

4. Qualified retirement plan/IRA distribution

¡ Need for comprehensive retirement planning to decide whether to live first on the QRP/IRA or delay withdrawals as long as possible and stretch your IRA

¡ Identify who is the beneficiary of your QRP/IRA

5. Corporate executive stock options through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

¡ Assess asset challenges associated with concentrated stock or options positions

¡ Review specialty types of holdings (e.g., restricted stock, pre IPO, etc.)

¡ Consider preference items for alternative minimum tax

6. Business succession planning

¡ Analyze needs related to valuations or sale of business

¡ Identify your concerns related to business transition or inheritance

¡ Need to minimize capital gains taxes if sold during your life or gift taxes if transferred during life

7. Durable power of attorney issues

¡ Need to establish durable power of attorney for health and estate and educate and inform your family members named

8. Gifting to children/descendents/ others during life

¡ Need for living wealth transfer strategies (e.g., spousal gifts, annual gifting, education) discussing gift strategies

¡ Desire for fiduciary management or other trust and estate set up

9. Charitable gifting

¡ Need for strategies related to charitable giving (e.g., foundation set up, gift annuities, etc.)

¡ Desire for ongoing
management of your charitable entities

¡ Need to involve your children and other descendants in identifying causes

10. Titling of assets

¡ Need for improved tax advantages by titling assets appropriately

11. Executor/successor trustee issues

¡ Need to establish and structure executor/successor trustees that will both handle your desires and work well with your family

12. Distribution plan for wealth at death

¡ Need for minimizing taxes and handling control issues

Investments and Insurance Products:
NOT FDIC Insured • NO Bank Guarantee • MAY Lose Value

1Asset allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.

2Insurance products are available through Citizens Bank & Trust Company Insurance Agency or licensed affiliates.

Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a Registered Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. and Citizens Bank & Trust Company are not affiliated. Investments are not FDIC insured and not bank guaranteed and may lose value.