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InterBank Transfers

Move money "there to here" or "here to there"!

The telegraph replaced the Pony Express – InterBank Transfer replaces writing and running checks from bank to bank to move funds where you need them. Even send money directly to a family member’s account!

Enrollment is simple:

  • Complete and submit an online ebankCBT enrollment form

  • You’ll be notified InterBank Transfer access has been established

  • You’ll choose your outside transfer accounts and confirm a successful test transfer

  • From then on, you’re in full control

Incoming transfers to accounts at Citizens Bank & Trust are free. Outgoing transfers only cost $1.50 per transfer.

InterBank Transfer Service Agreement 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Can I make a transfer immediately (after enrollment)?
Before you may schedule your first transfer, the IBT system will send a small deposit on your behalf to the receiving bank account which you must verify before regular transfers can be initiated.

To verify the amount, log into your external account, note the trial transfer amount, then log into your ebank account and enter the amount in the Enrolled Accounts tab within InterBank Transfers. Once you have done so, the account will display a “Verified” status and you may then schedule transfers.

How long do I have to verify my account?
You have five calendar days after you first enroll your external account to look for the test deposit and enter it into the IBT system to confirm the enrollment. If you are unable to verify within five days, simply re-enroll your account to restart the process.

How soon after my transfer is initiated will funds post to my account?
If the transfer request is completed before 2 p.m. Central Time on a business day, the funds should post the next business day. For transfers created after 2 p.m., look for the funds to arrive in two business days.

May I schedule transfers to happen automatically or future date a transfer?
You may schedule recurring transfers or single transfers with a future date. These transfers will count toward your daily limits on the day the transfer is scheduled to occur. If you schedule a future outgoing transfer and available funds on that date are less than the transfer amount requested, the transfer will be rejected and you will need to resubmit if for that occurrence.

NOTE: If you schedule an incoming transfer for which the amount exceeds the available balance in the external account, that financial institution may charge you fees related to insufficient funds.

Are there any limitations on the number of external accounts I may enroll or transfers?
At this time there is no limit on the number of external accounts you may enroll. You have a daily transfer limit of up to 5 incoming and 5 outgoing transfers each, with a daily total of $1,000 for each category.

Be aware than any transfers from a Savings or Money Market account within online banking count toward the limit of six per month or statement cycle. Exceeding that limit requires us to charge you for each transaction beyond the limit. If you exceed the limit regularly, regulations require us to close the account or convert it to a regular checking account.

Is it possible to receive a different daily limit?
If you need to transfer larger amounts, plan to use Wire Transfer services. Ask your regular banking center for assistance with a wire transfer.

Are businesses allowed to enroll in InterBank Transfer?
The service is limited to consumers. Businesses may access ACH services for similar transfers. Contact your banking center and ask for a Treasury Specialist to guide your enrollment for ACH service.