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Meeting the Banking Needs of Boonville, MO

Citizens Bank & Trust has been proudly serving the midwest community for over 125 years, enduring major historical economic downfalls while preserving its integrity and its namesake. We provide personal and business financial assistance, offering attentive customer service and user-friendly online banking tools.

With the housing market on the rise in Kansas City and Northern Missouri, we strive to simplify the stress of home buying with affordable mortgage rates and manageable loans, aiming to earn customers prompt acceptance and potential tax savings.

Located on East Spring Street in Boonville, Citizens Bank & Trust is a short drive from the historic and iconic Katy Bridge spanning the Missouri River. To get started on home buying plans and budgeting, schedule a mortgage meeting during the following banking hours:



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Citizens Bank & Trust
400 E Spring St
Boonville, MO 65233-1574