meet supergirl sasha calle is amazing in the flash

Sasha Calle becomes Supergirl in “The Flash.”

In “Man of Steel,” Henry Cavill’s Superman revealed that his suit’s “S” meant “hope” on Krypton. As DC’s new Supergirl, Sasha Calle remembers that.

Calle, who debuted in “The Flash,” says, “She’s a really incredible superhero that no matter what universe or iteration, she carries this symbol on her chest” (in theaters now). “She is kind, powerful, and hopeful no matter what.”

Speedster Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) gets stranded on another Earth in the time-travel adventure. The Flash, his teenage self, and a retired Batman (Michael Keaton) rescue Kara Zor-El (Calle) from a Siberian black site instead of Superman.

meet supergirl sasha calle is amazing in the flash
meet supergirl sasha calle is amazing in the flash

Five things to know about Calle, 27, and her new comic book icon:

Sasha Calle’s Supergirl is emotional.

After Helen Slater (1984’s “Supergirl” movie) and Melissa Benoist (TV’s “Supergirl”), Boston-born Colombian Calle is the first Latina actress to play the character. Calle enjoyed portraying the heroine’s humanity and complexities in “The Flash.”

“She’s processing and trying to understand,” Calle says of Supergirl’s initial distrust of the heroes, who need her help fighting General Zod. “There’s a lot of silence and observation, trying to figure out who these Barrys are, what Zod is doing here, what humankind is. Supergirl’s runway is beautiful because she’s just starting. There’s much to explore.”

meet supergirl sasha calle is amazing in the flash
meet supergirl sasha calle is amazing in the flash

Sasha Calle idolized Gal Gadot and Charlize Theron.

“I remember just thinking, that’s what I want to do,” Calle said after watching Gadot in DC’s “Wonder Woman” and Theron in the spy thriller “Atomic Blonde” six years earlier. Calle started boxing and practicing movements a year after putting pictures of both actresses on her vision board.

“It couldn’t have been any other character” than Supergirl. Supergirl was my destiny. I became her naturally. My whole life prepared me for this role.

Sasha Calle’s breakthrough in “Young & the Restless” changed everything.

Calle was young and restless before her 2018 soap opera debut. She says she was bankrupt. “I was kind of couch surfing and had so many jobs,” from gym front desk to hostessing and catering.

Calle was “blessed” to play Genoa City chef Lola Rosales for more than 270 episodes in 2 1/2 years and receive a 2020 Daytime Emmy nomination. Lola’s “most soapy moment”—being attacked on a Valentine’s Day cabin trip, falling into a pool, and slipping into a coma—still amuses her. I was wearing my brother’s ex-coat, wife’s so she thought I was his girlfriend. That’s crazy.”

meet supergirl sasha calle is amazing in the flash
meet supergirl sasha calle is amazing in the flash

‘The Flash’ star’s first love was music.

The actress’ Instagram showcases her singing, songwriting, and guitar skills. At 17, Calle moved from Miami to Los Angeles to study voice at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, graduating in 2017. She failed her first audition because she had never performed a musical theater song or monologue. “I felt like someone had taken the love of my life,” Calle says.

Calle says she “cracked” a high note during her song, but an emotional monologue made up for it. One judge said, “You’re an incredible actor.” Study where? Oh, this is my first time. I sing. “Well, that needs some work,” he says.

Sasha Calle in a Supergirl movie?

Calle next stars in the drama “On Swift Horses” with Daisy Edgar-Jones and Will Poulter, but she doesn’t want to leave the DC Universe. She has met with new DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran about her future and a new movie based on the sci-fi comic book series “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.” Calle hopes to play Supergirl again. I love her deeply and feel connected to her.

“The Flash” taught her patience and trust in others. Have fun.”

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