Access your accounts from anywhere!

Manage all of your Citizens Bank & Trust accounts on YOUR time! Anywhere you have internet access, you have the power to manage your finances when it’s convenient for you. Check your balances, view transactions, transfer funds between accounts, and more! Banking is simple at Citizens Bank & Trust!

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Electronic Solutions

Billpayer Service

Pay your bills in one place and at one time!

Schedule payments ahead of time, on time, and all at once with Citizens Bank & Trust Billpayer Service! This FREE service allows you to view and pay all of your bills in one location. Schedule your bill payments each month or set them up as recurring payments – you’ll never miss a payment! Billpayer is a great way to manage your budget. Also you’ll have access to payment history.

  • Pay an unlimited number of bills every month
  • Schedule your bill for a current or future payment
  • Schedule your bill to be paid automatically each month
  • Access online reports to manage your bills efficiently
  • Access check images online for viewing and printing


Protection and convenience with Citizens’ eStatements!

Balance your checkbook and update your budget when it’s convenient for your schedule!

This FREE service from Citizens Bank & Trust is a great way to protect your finances. No more paper statements! Your accounts are password protected and for your eyes only!

Enroll online and receive an email notification when your eStatement is ready. Then download and save your eStatment or simply view online when it’s convenient for you!

Quick and easy access makes banking an option 24 hours a day!

Mobile Banking

Banking that works with your lifestyle!

When you’re on the go and need to handle your finances, you need secure, quick, and easy access. With Citizens Bank & Trust Mobi- bank you’ll have access from your favorite mobile device! Check balances, make transfers, and make deposits right from your smartphone!

Deposits are as easy as taking a photo of the front and back of your check and then submitting. It’s that easy!


InterBank Transfers

Moving your money is easier than ever!

Transfer funds from one bank to another at any time you need! You can do a one-time transfer or you can schedule a transfer for multiple occurrences. We’ve made it simple!

For details, see our InterBank Transfer Service Agreement.

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Quick Links

Telephone Banking

Banking at your fingertips with KITT!

24-Hour Telephone Banking

Stay up-to-date on your accounts by calling our 24-hour Keep In Touch Teller.


It’s easy! Call one of these phone numbers and follow the prompts!

The first time you call, your PIN will be the last 4 digits of your Social Security number – then you’ll change your PIN to a secure 4-digit number only you know.

Just be sure to have your account numbers on hand and you’ll be able to balance your checking account or verify your loan payment, anytime, 24 hours a day.

Reorder Checks

Reorder your checks online!

Skip the line and do it on your time!

Deluxe Personal Check Reorder

You may obtain assistance reordering personal checks, changing styles, or adding accessories by calling toll-free: 1-877-838-5287

Deluxe Business Check Reorder

You may obtain assistance with business checks using one of the following:

Address Change

Moved recently? Update your address online!

Moving is stressful enough without the worries of where your personal mail is going!

Change your address without even leaving the comfort of your new home!

Just fill out our Change of Address Form and we’ll take care of the rest!

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