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FREE Billpayer

Pay 10 bills online, treat yourself to lunch on the savings!

Without Billpayer, your average check and postage cost is $.56 per payment. Use Billpayer just 10 times in a month and you've saved enough for a quick, drive-thru lunch. Over a year, you'll save enough to buy a $100 Savings Bond...and a quick, drive-thru lunch!

Sign up and start those savings today. You may enroll at the same time you enroll for ebank or anytime after by visiting any of our locations.

  • pay anyone in the United States (except taxes)

  • use Quick Pay to handle many payments at the same time

  • schedule automatic payments and you’ll never forget a payment

  • pay bills from any internet computer, even away from home

  • check payment images appear on your regular statement

Pay no additional fee for making more than 5, 10, 20 or more payments each month. Check payments are debited only when checks clear, electronic payments will be debited on the scheduled date for your payee to credit within 2-3 business days.

For details on how to use No Fee Billpayer, check out the Billpayer User Guide