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Enroll for eStatement

Unclutter your mailbox, your life and feel good "going green"

  • Easy online enrollment

  • E-mail notice when your statement is ready

  • Review, download or print and you're done

Enrolling as easy as logging into ebank

  • Go to "Account Options" then select "eStatement"

  • Choose accounts for which you wish to stop receiving paper statements.
  • Respond to a confirmation e-mail sent to your e-mail address

You may select one or more checking or savings accounts (Loans and CDs are not included in eStatement unless they are part of a combined statement.)

Once enrolled, you'll receive an e-mail notification each time a new statement is online. The e-mail contains a link taking you to the ebank login page and then straight to your statement page. You may then review, download or print your statement.

If you decide you would rather receive a paper statement in the future, go to Account Options/eStatements and uncheck the box for the statement you wish to un-enroll. You will start receiving your paper statement with the next cycle.

View Statements Online

Even if you aren’t yet signed up for eStatement, you may view up to 12 months of statements online at any time. From the Account Listing page, select “Statements” from the action box. You’ll then see a list of all available statements in chronological order. You may choose from several available file formats for viewing or printing.

If you have established combined statements, you will find all of those selected statements displayed with the primary account you selected at the time you established combined statements.

Please note that your statement history begins to build from the date your ebank access is created. Statements prior to that date will not be available online. To obtain copies of statements prior to enrollment, please send a secure message or contact your regular branch. There may be a fee to have us reproduce those statements, check your deposit account agreement for details.