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Transfer Money Online

Transfer funds between your accounts at CB&T – even make loan payments – anytime you have the time. Transfers initiated before 6 p.m. Central Time on business days are completed that day. Sorry, we are not able to offer online transfers for personal accounts between banks at this time. If you are a commercial customer, please visit Treasury Management for details on bank-to-bank options.

Once you have logged in, select “Transfers” from the activity box for either your ‘transfer from’ or ‘transfer to’ account. The page allows you to select:

  • One time- confirm the transfer from and transfer to accounts, enter the dollar amount, the desired transfer date (defaults to current date) and any brief memo information you need. Once you submit the transfer request, you will receive a confirmation, which you should retain for your records.
  • Scheduled- Your options include weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly. When selecting these options, you will be asked to select an ending date to prevent the transfer from continuing without your knowledge.
  • Loan payments- selecting a loan account as the transfer to account gives you the option of selecting a regular payment or a principal-only payment. Please note that making a principal-only payment will not advance your next payment due date and you should also make your regular payment. For partial payments, please contact your regular branch for assistance.

CB&T does not at this time offer the online ability to request an advance from a line of credit. We plan to add this ability and will post information once it becomes available.

Please note: in the event a ‘transfer from’ account does not have sufficient funds available for the request, either it will be refused for an immediate one-time transfer, or will be refused and retried up to two more times for scheduled payments before it is finally rejected. You may check the status of scheduled transfers from the Transfers page.