10 most popular White Cat Breeds

White cats are traditionally silky, plush Persians. They prefer a peaceful, stable home with plenty of care from their owners.

Persian Cat

The pure white coat color of Siamese cats can be eye-catching, but we usually associate them with colored points on their legs, tails, and faces.

Siamese Cat

Discover a breed with a distinct personality! Their whiskers are wrinkled, and their short coats wave!

Cornish Rex

Scottish Fold cats' ears' cartilage does not develop normally due to a hereditary abnormality. Their ears bend over, hence their name.

Scottish Fold

Another breed with easily recognizable ears is the American Curl. Although intelligent and devoted to others, they rarely talk.

American Curl

Devon Rex coats are short and slightly wavy. Large eyes and prominent cheekbones make them impossible to confuse with any other breed.

Devon Rex

Despite its size and power, the Siberian cat has an impressively thick three-layered coat! Kitties can explore and play a lot.

Siberian Cat

It is one of the larger cat breeds. Northern European winters are harsh, so they need thick coats.

Norwegian Forest Cat

They enjoy spending time with their families, but they are also independent and happy spending time on their own.

American Shorthair

Sphynx are not known for their long white fur, but they have a tiny layer of fuzzy hair on their lovely skin.


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