Adele Forgot One Song's Lyrics in Las Vegas: Watch

Adele once again demonstrated her true humanity by failing to remember the words to one of her own songs. 

Unlike us, she experienced her space-cadet moment live on stage at.

The Colosseum in Las Vegas during the superstar singer's Weekends with Adele residency.

Adele makes a mistake on one line in a video that was posted online over the weekend and was recorded by a fan.

The moment she says, "I forgot the f***ing lyrics," the music stops.

However, the vibe was not destroyed by her moment. 

She continued, "Bloody hell, $50 dollars that cost me last night," as the room erupted in laughter.

When her fans in the front row know every lyric to every song and are willing to help out – as they did on cue – Adele doesn't need a teleprompter because her fans know every lyric to every song.

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