After "Rough" Year, Luke Bryan Wants To "Slow Down" 

Luke Bryan has decided to take a much-needed break from his career after what he calls a "rough year."

Regarding his efforts to juggle his career and spending time with his wife, Caroline, and their two sons, 

15-year-old Bo and 12-year-old Tate, he admitted to Entertainment Tonight that "I'm not really balancing it that well this year." 

In 2017, the couple also adopted their nephew and two nieces, 

though all three of them are now independent.Bryan claimed that after they get through this hectic year, 

he will even promise Caroline a tropical getaway. "I'm like, 'Baby, this is a rough year,

let's just get through it, and then we'll find a boat and go to the Caribbean or something,'" he said to ET.

Bryan's exhaustion is understandable, of course. His recent schedule would make anyone anxious.