Amy Schumer's 'Emergency Contact' standup takes aim at'sociopath' Hilaria and Alec Baldwin.

Amy Schumer's Netflix show isn't about making friends. In "Emergency Contact" (currently streaming),

the comic declares her liposuction to be "the laziest thing" she's ever done. She mocks herself for cramming her face with fillers and

undergoing a laser treatment that turned her skin "blood red," only to "look exactly the same." 

But it's the comic's quips about Alec and Hilaria Baldwin near the end of the 51-minute special that strike the hardest.

"Are you familiar with Hilaria Baldwin?" Schumer inquires cryptically. "I'm saying it wrong. "I'm sorry,"

she adds with a Spanish accent. "Hilaria Baldwin. "I just can't get my head around this story."

Schumer claims she met Hilaria "years ago" backstage at "Saturday Night Live," when Hilaria told her she was "'from Espaa,' (with) a very thick Spanish accent."

"They have a Von Trapp amount of children, and they named them all - I'm not sure, but very Spanish names like Jamón, Croqueta, and Flamenco," Schumer continues.