Belinda Carlisle says bands can drag on. 

Kyle Meredith is joined by legendary Go-Gos co-founder Belinda Carlisle for a discussion of her most recent EP, Kismet. 

This thrilling album was made possible by Carlisle's reuniting with legendary songwriter Diane Warren, 

with whom he closely collaborated in the 1980s. As she considers the significance of this EP,  

Carlisle talks about the profound experience of creating her first English-language album in more than 20 years. 

She also discovers the link between The Go-Gos' music and her solo work, 

letting her signature sound come through in this new collection.

Carlisle discusses her desire to perform live with legendary performers like Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper,  

and Debbie Harry, who all collaborated on the soundtrack to 80 For Brady.