Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Crew Mishap Sparks Hilarious Meme

As of late, it seemed as though Beyoncé was dealing with some unexpected difficulties while performing on stage, and her patience appeared to be reaching its absolute limit.

Beyoncé was performing in Amsterdam for two nights as part of her Renaissance World Tour when the incident occurred. 

At the time, she was in the midst of singing "Summer Renaissance," the closing song of her tour show.

Beyoncé may have given instructions to her stage crew to remove a set of stairs that were placed beside her as she sat on her mirrored horse Reneigh.

According to video footage that was captured from the side of the stage during the show that took place on June 18. 

The footage was captured on June 18. 

It appears that the frustrated singer mouthed the words "Oh my God!" at one point in the video, and it also appears that.

She kicked her heel at the stairs in an attempt to signal to the crew that they should push them away.

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