Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Bryan Cranston: Hollywood's Post-Fame Exit

There are benefits and drawbacks to being one of the most famous persons in the world.

Marvel actor Tom Holland "disappeared" after filming his most recent show, while Bryan Cranston recently disclosed that 

He is making preparations to depart Hollywood for a more sedate existence in France.

After receiving a terrible diagnosis, Chris Hemsworth took a break from his superhero role to devote more time to his family.

The formidable actors join a growing list of celebrities who prefer some peace, quiet, and anonymity over the glittering lights of Hollywood. 

In the end, the "Breaking Bad" actor wants to spend more time with Robin Dearden, his wife of 34 years.

Southern California native and San Fernando Valley native Bryan Cranston revealed to British GQ that he had a three-year exit plan from the industry.

He will first close his production firm and then sell his share of the Dos Hombres mezcal company.

Filmmaker attempted Tom Cruise theft, sabotaging "Jerry Maguire," Cameron Crowe claims.