DC's Zatanna WEBTOON Series: Come for the Show, Stay for the Heart (Review)

WEBTOON's Zatanna & the Ripper is the first of DC's WEBTOON products to be completed after 51 episodes.

When all is said and done, Zatanna & the Ripper is a solid narrative of the DC universe, portraying the exploits of a still-developing Zatanna as she battles to accept her true potential as a magician,

friend, and daughter. Although the plot moves at an irregular pace at times, Zatanna & the Ripper ultimately thrives on the strength of its characters and how they connect and grow together.

Sarah Sealy and Syro team up with Jace, Rachel Koo, Ayumumum, and Maryia to tell the story of how, on her 21st birthday,

Zatanna Zatara survives the sorceress Allura's magical assault on her and her father, leaving her stranded in 1800s London during the infamous Jack the Ripper's reign of terror. 

While Zatanna strives to solve the Ripper's puzzles in the past, she must simultaneously find a route back to the future,

where Allura is planning. And things don't get any easier when John Constantine is thrown into the equation.

The characters, especially Sealy and Syro's Zatanna, are some of the most powerful components in Zatanna & the Ripper.

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