Diablo 4: Best Endgame Necromancer Build

When players reach higher endgame levels with their character and use a build that maximizes their skills, gear, and Paragon Board pathways,

the Necromancer class in Diablo IV claims full mastery of the undead. Around level 70 and up, players will have accumulated enough points to finish their Skill Trees,

allowing them to craft the ideal build for this class. With more difficult World Tiers and high-level dungeons to consider,

creating a final version of the Necromancer can take some time. The finale for the Necromancer comes when players reach level 50 and unlock the class' Paragon Board in Diablo 4. After this level,

each character has nine Paragon Boards to explore, with Nodes and Glyphs providing additional passive bonuses. 

After level 50, players will be able to spend Paragon points to create their own paths on a board that best reflects the talents in their endgame build.

The most important decision players must make while designing their endgame Necromancer is whether or not to use Skeletal Minions from the Book of the Dead. 

Although this class has numerous potential endgame builds, players wishing to be a "true" Necromancer may struggle to find the appropriate build centered on summoning.