Five Ways Fast X Shows The Fast & Furious Film Series Must End

The Fast Saga became an action-adventure film after outgrowing its street car racing roots, which broadened its appeal. Furious 7 and Fate of the Furious grossed $1.5 and $1.2 billion, respectively. 

Fast X Underperformed.

Furious 7's filming was complicated by Paul Walker's death. Universal had to write out Brian O'Conner.

Fast X Can't Hide Paul Walker's Brian

The franchise's co-lead with Diesel, to explain his absence from "La Familia's" escapades. Universal chose a happy conclusion for the character. 

Fast X officially begins The Fast Saga's last stretch. Surprisingly, Fast 5 elements are revisited. Dante brings new perspective to Hernan Reyes.

Fast X Fast Saga Ideas Are Running Out

The Fast Saga's transformation from small-time criminals to spy agents has been much discussed. 

Fast Saga Outgrew Its Original Premise

Fast X tries to bring street car racing back, but it's just an action scene. Dom and "La Famlia" have done many car-abled missions, including going to space in F9. 

Dom has driven The Fast Saga. He leads "La Familia" and represents the franchise. The film series now contains several moving parts.  

Spin-Offs Improve Fast Saga

Universal doesn't want to give up a successful IP, but ending the main picture line and focusing on spin-offs is preferable.