How Much Money Did Avatar: The Way Of The Water Make At The Box Office?

Following the unprecedented success of the franchise's debut theatrical feature, James Cameron's second film Avatar: 

The Way of Water became an extremely profitable undertaking in its own right. Avatar: The Way of Water followed in the footsteps of an excellent predecessor,

as the first Avatar picture not only dominated the box office but also set a precedent for technological innovation in cinema in 2009.

Avatar's captivating sci-fi narrative, paired with its award-winning visual effects, propelled it to become a film classic.

Without a doubt, the sequel had a cast of new and returning Avatar characters, unquestionable technological breakthroughs, and a 13-year gap to prepare,

but it would be difficult to top one of the world's highest-grossing films of all time. While The Way of Water is still attempting to match Avatar's level of success, it did produce a tidy sum for the franchise on its own.

According to a James Cameron interview with Entertainment Weekly, the sequel film was obviously a risk to take. With film production costs as high as the original,

the sequel needed to focus on making a significant profit for the franchise rather than competing for the highest gross - the truth is, Avatar: 

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