I ordered 10 items from Starbucks' "secret menu" but only drank a handful twice.

Starbucks' secret menu is not a well-kept secret, with over 45,000 Instagram posts using the hashtag #Starbuckssecretmenu. 

Some secret menu items have gained viral popularity and even made their way onto the official menu. 

Secret menu items are typically created by Starbucks fans and fan-based blogs using existing ingredients. 

Baristas have expressed frustration with customers ordering secret menu items without clear instructions. 

Many popular secret menu drinks have been around for years and were created by individual customers to suit their tastes. 

Others were more recent creations by Starbucks fan blogs, often tied to holidays or pop culture events. 

Researching and understanding the recipes for secret menu items is important to ensure accurate ordering. 

The secret menu trend continues to evolve, driven by social media and customer preferences.