In the Next Star Wars Film, Daisy Ridley Will Replace Herself? 

In the recently revealed Star Wars film starring Daisy Ridley, Rey will be working to revive the Jedi Order,  

but it now seems that she might be looking for her eventual successor. 

According to a brand-new synopsis for the film, which was recently described in a publication of Production Weekly,  

according to Screen Rant, Rey would be mentoring a young boy and girl. 

According to the synopsis, as Rey instructs the group, it "becomes evident that the girl possesses extraordinary abilities,  

destined to emerge as the future leader."Daisy Ridley might be playing a similar role in real life to train Rey's replacement in the ongoing Star Wars saga, 

in addition to Rey training a Jedi to take over the order for her. 

This would make sense for Ridley given that she has already put in a significant amount of effort filming the Star Wars movies,  

Tom Holland's enthusiasm for contestants blindsiding each other excites me.