Jennifer Lawrence : $25M film pay cut to $3K/week for Winter's Bone.  

Jennifer Lawrence has played a number of memorable roles in her Hollywood career. With multiple awards under her belt, the actress's income has steadily increased with each film in which she appears. 

With her appearances becoming more selective, Lawrence earned a whopping $25 million for appearing with Leonardo DiCaprio, 

but she also had to work for $3000 per week when she was starting out. 

Jennifer Lawrence was not exactly famous at the start of her career (obviously). During her early days, the actress experienced a period in which she did not earn a lot of money. 

After repeated setbacks, the actress battled harder and eventually established herself as a brilliant actress. 

According to rumors, Lawrence's salary has risen significantly between the time she began her career and her 2021 film with Leonardo DiCaprio. 

The actress made a fortune when she was paid $25 million to co-star with Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2021 film Don't Look Up.  

The most terrifying aspect is the record-low compensation she received for the 2010 film Winter's Bone, when she was just starting out.