Joe Burrow says to Taylor Swift, "I know you're listening.

Joe Burrow has compared himself to Aaron Rodgers as an NFL quarterback but differs when it comes to being a Taylor Swift fan. 

Aaron Rodgers is considered one of the most recognizable "Swifties" in the NFL world, along with J.J. Watt. 

Burrow expressed respect for Taylor Swift's career but admitted he doesn't listen to her music much. 

The Eras Tour, featuring Taylor Swift, is scheduled to come to Cincinnati in a couple of weeks. 

Burrow was asked if he would attend the tour at Paycor Stadium and mentioned he might stop by. 

He acknowledged that many people enjoy Taylor Swift's music but clarified it's not his personal preference. 

Burrow acknowledged that Swift's mega tour is known for being a lot of fun. 

He emphasized his respect for Swift's achievements while highlighting his own musical preferences differ from her music.