John Wick's Cast Worries About Mike Tyson's Killer Instinct

Donnie Yen, a famous Hong Kong martial arts actor, has faced off against many formidable foes throughout the course of his impressive career. 

His most exciting and nerve-wracking experience was filming with former professional boxer Mike Tyson in the film Ip Man 3.

Insightful into Yen's character is provided by his recollection of terrifying moments during combat scenes with Tyson.

the dangers actors put themselves through to create thrilling action scenes.

Yen had the utmost regard for Tyson's stature and reputation and realized that a slip of the tongue on Tyson's part could have had dire consequences.

Yen's encounter with Mike Tyson in a three-minute fight scene for Ip Man 3 heightened his senses. 

Since Yen had grown up watching Mike Tyson's boxing matches, she was both excited and nervous to work with the former heavyweight champion.

Donnie Yen, he said, vividly recalls the moment he felt his life was in jeopardy. 

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