Kevin Costner divorce drama: 'Yellowstone' actor alleges estranged wife refuses to leave

Kevin Costner wants his soon-to-be ex-wife, Christine, to leave his house.

The most recent lawsuit, seen by various sites, claims Christine (née Baumgartner), with whom the 68-year-old Yellowstone actor shares three children,

is refusing to leave their home, despite the conditions of their 2004 prenuptial agreement.

Kevin's legal team, lead by Laura Wasser, argued in court documents that the couple's prenup dictated that his second wife

had 30 days to vacate his property once she filed for divorce. She filed in Santa Barbara County Court on May 1, but has yet to move out.On Wednesday,

 The Oscar-winning filmmaker's counsel wants the court to enforce the provisions of the prenup, On Wednesday,

stating Christine has "taken the position that she will not move out of Kevin's separate property residence" until he "agrees to various financial demands."

Kevin stated in his declaration, which was published by Radar Online, that he paid Christine $1 million after she filed for divorce in accordance with the prenup. On Wednesday,