Megan Fox Defies Summer Beauty With Blood-Red Stiletto Nails

Megan Fox is one of those beauty queens who, whether it comes to nails, hairstyles, and makeup trends, 

if she's wearing it, we're all wearing it. (Or, at the very least, we will do our damnedest.) So, for summer 2023, the  

"It" girl is sporting blood-red nails — and I guess we all have to follow suit. 

Let's face it, "The Fox" is known for its intense manicure game. For quite some time, the Hypebae Beauty crew has been enamored with her nail moments,  

but this recent exhibition of blood-red nails seen on her while galavanting the streets of London is no exception to the top-tier excellence we expect to see.

The color may be a little out of place for the summer months, but who says you can't wear red nail paint throughout the summer? 

Her long stiletto nails complement her XL length of the ginger-red length of hair to complete the knockout look. 

Her toned-down, second-skin makeup and flowing locks, replete with goth-esque nails, just make sense.