Meghan Markle Reportedly Eyes Another Luxury Brand Deal, Not Dior. 

According to Page Six, Meghan Markle does not intend to sign a significant contract with French luxury fashion house Dior, 

dispelling the rumors that she will. The Daily Mail reported on June 17, 2023, 

that Markle might soon take on the title of "Duchess of Dior" and serve as the brand's spokesperson. 

That is not the case, according to a Sussexes spokesperson. Markle may, however, be drawn to a contract with the French jewelry company Cartier. 

After she and Prince Harry's separation from Spotify became official on June 16, 2023,  

rumors about the Duchess of Sussex's upcoming move began to circulate. 

Prior to Spotify severing its relationship with the couple's production company, 

Archewell Audio, the pair reportedly agreed to a $20 million deal with the streaming service back in 2020.