NBA Trade Rumors: Bradley Beal to Celtics?

Many Boston Celtics supporters want Bradley Beal.

The Celtics may sign the Washington Wizards' star after losing in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Beal's dedication to the Wizards shows throughout his 11 years with a franchise that has never advanced beyond the second round.

He signed a five-year, $251 million max contract last summer, preventing him from being transferred without his consent.

Beal may reject trades and determine his future location. Beal's deal requires large payments over the next several years.

If the Wizards opt to rebuild, Adrian Wojnarowski said that Beal may be available. Beal's trade to the Celtics might be crucial for a squad that has gone close to capturing an NBA title.

The Celtics may face luxury tax fines if they sign more high-salary players under the new CBA. However, let us imagine a transaction that might suit the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics may trade young players, draft selections, and a high-priced veteran to meet payroll requirements.