Next week's 3 under-$10 cryptocurrencies

While the cryptocurrency markets have not made many surprising twists in recent days due to pressure from the US Securities and Exchange

Commission (SEC), now may be the time to invest in cryptocurrencies that cost less than $0.10 per wholecoin.

In this context, Finbold has analyzed the crypto sector to identify several of the most promising digital assets that have shown strength 

and potential to grow their price in the coming weeks and make attractive investments.

Kaspa (KAS) has been listing its asset and trading pair on KuCoin's Isolated Margin Trading platform and other crypto exchanges

as it strives to become "the fastest and purest" Proof-of-Work (PoW) engine.

As of June 16, Finbold reported that Kaspa was trading at $0.02134, up 19.11% on the day, 34.20% over the week, and 11.24% on the monthly chart.

XDC Network, an enterprise-grade open-source blockchain protocol, has helped Dubai become a Web3 hub and the "Silicon Valley of the Web3 era," making its token 

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