On June 18 we get a new moon and sun in Gemini.

A new beginning awaits you this week! Imagine the things you'd like to alter about your life and dedicate yourself to accomplishing those changes.


This month, you should stop letting money control you. Get out of debt successfully by planning ahead and making self-controlled decisions.


Friendships that bring you down should be severed. Think about the future while remembering the past.


The time is right to look for a new employment. Explore new avenues and connect with potential allies.


Start a company today. No more bosses. Take chances and trust yourself. You can control your future and succeed.


Good decisions teach valuable lessons. Be resilient. Your experiences can help others tackle issues with love and honesty. Sharing your knowledge inspires others.


Lust can occur. It's vital to distinguish between wanting something quickly and connecting with someone. For deeper feelings, know yourself. True love changes you and creates lifelong relationships.


Limits in close relationships maintain your identity. Avoid over-involvement. Express your desires. Happy partnerships require a balance between togetherness and solitude.