OnlyFans arm wrestling videos have made "Kendall Jenner on steroids" thousands of dollars.

The "Kendall Jenner on steroids" bodybuilder revealed her five-figure salary on OnlyFans.

Before entering bodybuilding competitions in 2018, model Vladislava Galagan trained for 11 years.

The 27-year-old's frequent training videos and model pictures gained her a social media following. Her OnlyFans account was compared to Kendall Jenner.

"I sell this image of being good-looking and muscular and combine it and with a little erotic," she said. She also uploads arm wrestling videos. "When I joined social media, I discovered that many men like tall, strong, muscular women with a nice face."

"I look like 'Kendall Jenner on steroids'," she said. Vladislava has followed a strict diet and fitness plan since she started bodybuilding over a decade ago.

She exercises at least six times a week and consumes a protein-rich diet. She eats four meals a day to get her daily protein intake of 100g.

She also uses performance-enhancing pharmaceuticals, but believes there's no "magic pill" and it must be combined with a healthy diet and training.

She works each muscle group twice a week and does three cardio sessions per week. Vladislava's Instagram account was created in 2016.