Parking Lot Cat Becomes 'Supervisor' of People When Someone Takes a Chance on Him

Davita is back to running and jumping with kitten-like exuberance. He relentlessly pursues any moving toy.

"When he's zoomies, he plays with his toys or scrunches up his towel. He likes to play, but if he hasn't had enough pets or affection, he'd rather be petted."

When it comes to mealtime, Davita likes to make himself heard and has a cute meow.

Every person he has encountered has been enchanted by him, and even strangers find him to be kind and loving.

We "would never have learned how much he adores human company (without a foster home)"

Stafford revealed a little-known fact. By the way, if you ever read this,

The experience is extremely satisfying since they change with time and love.

"Many misunderstood cats are judged based on first impressions, but they deserve the opportunity to develop like Davita," the author says.

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