Reverse-Flash's Deadly Upgrade Exposes DC's Most Powerful Speedster

He's putting a light on which member of the Flash Family is the most strong, with the Reverse-Flash more powerful than ever. 

Only one hero, according to the lunatic, can face up to the strength of Eobard Thawne's new combined form.

Wallace West is going about his day when he saves a construction worker from being squashed in an industrial catastrophe in Superboy:

The Man of Tomorrow #2's supplemental story, "Kid Flash: The Speed of Fear" by Brandon Easton and Travis Mercer.

During the rescue, though, Kid Flash witnesses a storm with Speed Force lightning appear over Central City. Wallace is struck by lightning,

and the Speed Force reveals that the Reverse-Flash has become the new host for Parallax, the Sinestro Corps' avatar and the living embodiment of dread.

A flashback sees Kid Flash battling the new and improved Thawne. Wallace refuses to flee and confronts Reverse-Flash.

But now that he wields a Power Ring, the demonic speedster is far more lethal. As Thawne strikes Wallace, he complements him, adding that he, too, is amazed that Kid Flash has survived this long, 

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