Richard Rankin's name change and unusual rise to fame 

Richard Rankin first appeared on our televisions in 2006, and since then, his career in the TV industry has only grown.

He started his professional career 17 years ago as Robert Florence's co-star in the Scottish video game program VideoGaiden, 

which debuted on BBC Two Scotland.He later established himself in the business by landing roles on a number of shows, 

such as the Scottish TV program Legit, The Old Guys, Taggart, and most recently, Rebus. 

Additionally, the 40-year-old made numerous appearances in the BBC comedy sketch series Burnistoun,  

which debuted in 2009 and ran for three seasons.The actor, who is best known for playing Roger Wakefield MacKenzie,

in the STARZ drama Outlander, has won a number of awards.

The Dead Ringer, a 48-hour film, won Best Actor at the Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project in 2011.