Season 2 Filming of Yellowstone Delayed 

The indefinite postponement of 1923's second season of filming presents a new obstacle for the Yellowstone franchise.  

The noteworthy addition to the expanding Yellowstone universe, which serves as a sequel to the well-liked television series 1883, 

stars Hollywood heavyweights Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. It centers on the Dutton family and is set in the titular year of 1923, 

a period marked by historical events like the Western Expansion, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. 

Supported by favorable reviews and high ratings, 1923 season 2 was officially announced by Paramount+ in February 2023.

The ongoing writers' strike for fair pay, according to NBC Montana, has caused an indefinite delay in the season 2 of 1923.  

According to the reports, filming was scheduled to resume in Butte, Montana, where season 1 was also shot. 

The Civic Center in Butte, which 1923 pays to use, is ready to be used once the strike is resolved,