Simon Pegg Discusses the Length of Season 4 of "The Boys" and Other Topics The Pops to Hughie

It has been revealed how many episodes of The Boys season 4 Simon Pegg appears in. Mr. Hughie Campbell 

Hugh Campbell Sr., one of the eponymous Boys, is played by Pegg. Season one 

Hughie's father appeared four times. Despite Hughie's hate for him, it was established that he is a nice parent who sincerely loves his child. 

Hughie initially considers his father as feeble, but over time, he realizes that he is actually incredibly strong.

Hugh appeared in several episodes of The Boys season one but did not appear in any episodes of season two and only made one video call cameo in season three.

Pegg has revealed to Collider how many episodes his character will appear in during Season 4 of The Boys.

which he already promised would occur. Pegg appears in roughly half of the episodes of Season 4. 

This indicates that Pegg is returning to the show and that his character will have more screen time than ever before. Take a look at Pegg's comments below:

"It's So Funny, Smart, and Brilliant," Britney Spears says.