Summer Solstice in 2023 and Your Zodiac Sign.

Aries, logout! Stop everything and focus on home life. After all, your home deserves as much attention as the rest of your life. 


Taurus, read a new book by the pool or attempt that gym class your buddies are recommending. Stop and smell the roses. 


This Summer Solstice, you should take your moneymaking seriously. Gemini, your negotiation and creativity are flowing. Trust your genius and ask for what you deserve now. Don't forget that inaction yields nothing.


Cancer—this is your time! You're creative and confident right now. Allow yourself to shine. Enjoy starting over. Most essential, feel the love, spread the love, and look forward to everything. 


Leo—you’re on fire! You're active, inventive, and energized—turn some of that energy inward. Try swapping your phone for yoga or happy hour for Reiki. 


Replace the old with the new. You may be focusing on your friend groups or decluttering them. It's okay to put yourself first and rethink relationships that cause stress. 


Summer Solstice means new jobs! If you're feeling career-stressed, trust the process—things are looking up! If you obtain a promotion or a new job title, expect extra attention!


Scorpio, this Summer Solstice calls for travel. If not physically, mentally. Test your limitations and leave your comfort zone when going on an adventure, whether in your head or in real life.