"Supergirl Actor Reveals The Flash Movie's Epic Suit: Behind the Scenes!"

In new behind-the-scenes images, Supergirl actress Sasha Calle shows off The Flash's best superhero outfit without CGI.

Calle makes her feature film debut in The Flash, where she plays Kara Zor-El, also known as Supergirl,

alongside Ezra Miller's Barry Allens and Michael Keaton's Batman. These were not the only heroes in the film,

with Ben Affleck's Batman and a few other unexpected appearances rounding out a fantastic cast. Nonetheless, Calle's Supergirl costume was The Flash's most memorable hero costume.

Calle published behind-the-scenes photographs on Instagram to commemorate The Flash's debut, providing the best glimpse yet of her Supergirl suit without the use of CGI.

Calle's casual images of her Supergirl suit show how well-made it is, as well as how awful a current tendency in superhero movies is.

Calle's costume looked fantastic for the majority of The Flash, but there were instances when the film eventually added the outfit CGI makeup,

making Supergirl look less natural and more video game-like. Still, it paled in comparison to Miller's The Flash outfit, which had an eerie rubbery aspect for long sections of the film. 

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